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Speciality Tapes


Stereo Mounting

Mounting the printing plate has always been a vital component. Our comprehensive range comprises plate-mounting adhesive tapes for all base systems. the task they fulfill are......

  • easy repositioning without lifting the tape from the cylinder

  • reliable bond even during long and fast press runs, no plate lifting

  • easy and clean removal - no residues left on plate or cylinder

  • no shellacking necessary

  • solvent resistant


Double Side Tapes

In all branches of industry and in every trade, double sided self adhesive tapes are finding ever increasing favour since they present no problems when used to produce joins. Thus the entire range of Tape and Allied's double sided tapes offer economical solutions for a multitude of specific bonding problems. Not only from a large number of different materials and bonding surfaces, but also for the different stresses which are arise during and after production of the bond.


Die Cutting


Transfer Adhesives

Giving an easy application either by hand or dispenser, and provides a clean start and finish of each strip of adhesive applied. No fibrous uneven ends, thus reducing unwanted application problems.

An instant bond, speeds up production and eliminating drying time, suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates.


Sand Blasting Tape

Sand-blasting and etching are becoming ever more widely used for producing surface designs on glass, stone and metal. Areas which are to be protected against sand blast or acid are masked with Tape & Allied's special purpose tapes.
These tapes are simply pulled off from the roll and stuck into place. The pattern is then drawn on the tape and cut out. After sand-blasting or etching, the tapes can be stripped off easily without leaving residue.


Aluminium Foil Tape & Duct Tape

Structural components are subject to the action of heat, cold, steam and water. Thus joints and seams must be particularly well protected, because the attack by climatic, thermal and mechanical effects is intensified at these points.
Only fully developed and proven materials can ensure the necessary reliable protection against the partly extremely severe conditions encountered. Tape & Allied offer a compact, yet comprehensive range to meet the manifold demands for insulation, damping and sealing - the products ranging from normal self adhesive tape suitable for use under normal conditions to non-combustible aluminium tape.


Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper evident security tape leaves no unsightly or sticky deposit whilst clearly showing that it has been tampered with. This unique adhesive system exclusive to Tape and Allied is ideal where packaging has to be re-used or where the continued aesthetics of the package are integral to the overall product appearance.
Applications that fall into this category are items such as Software CD packs, blood samples, magnetic or chip cards. It also has applications for brown and white gods warranty label.


T-Bond (VHB)

This tape is a foamed acrylic adhesive in white, clear or grey with a special composition giving excellent all round bonding properties and unique characteristics that allow for very high performance in the most demanding applications.

This tape is ideal for fixing body and roof panels in the automotive industry.


Foam Mounting

For mounting decorations profiles, plates and similar on cars. Ageing UV and heat resistant emulsion acrylic adhesive. High shear. Double sided polyethelene foam mounting tape, for permanent bonding mounting and fixing interior applications giving very good load bearing capability. The tape adheres well to a variety of substrates including wood glass metals and non-plasticated plastics. The tape reaches its optimum bonding power in a short time.


Surface Protection Tape

Delicate surfaces must be protected against damage during storage, transport or installation. All these products use an adhesive of only light adhesion, so that the surface protection can be subsequently be stripped off easily.

For the protection of sensitive surfaces, such as, painted mild steel polished stainless steel BMA stainless steel, powder coated aluminium profiles selected acrylic plastic sheeting, some products suitable for deep draw.


Freezer Tapes

Self Adhesive polyethelne tape designed for the sealing of the refrigeration coil in the manufacturing process of freezers and refrigerators.


Autoclave Tape

Steril is a range of autoclave tapes specially formulated for packing purposes as well as to show visibly that the pack has undergone a sterilization cycle.

The backing off the different tapes is made of strong semicreped impregnated paper which gives excellent conformability during application.
Special Adhesives formulated to withstand high temperature and humidity ensure excellent bond to paper, plastic, non-wovens, board, metal, glass and linen. When removed after sterilization the tapes do not leave any glue residue. The indicator inks printed on the surface of the steril tapes change colour when exposed to the parameters of the different sterilization methods: steam, ethylene oxide, gas, dry heat.


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