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Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive

The humble roll of tape is something we use on almost a daily basis. Yet its simplicity of use hides the complex technology required to produce outstanding performance.

We at Tape and Allied not only understand the complexities involved in the manufacture of high quality tapes, we are industry experts on application. We have a wealth of experience in providing the correct tape for the job and application at hand.

We know that it is essential that the bond between the adhesive and the backing is greater than the bond between adhesive and the surface to which it is applied, for if it is not, then the product will not perform.

We pride ourselves in quality, performance and service.

Products Categories

  •  Speciality Tapes

  •  Carton Tapes

  •  Filament Tapes

  •  Masking ECS

  •  Printed Tapes

  •  PVC's

  •  Bag Sealing Tapes

  •  Industrial Sponge & Foam

  •  Applicators

  •  Teflon | PTFE

  •  Labels | Printed/Computer

Speciality Tapes

  •  Stereo Mounting / Litho Tapes

  •  T-Bond (VHB)

  •  Double/sided Tape

  •  Foam Mounting

  •  Sandblasting Tape

  •  Surface Protection Tape

  •  Aluminium Foil & Duct Tape

  •  Freezer Tape

  •  Tamper Evident Tapes

  •  Autoclave Tape





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