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About Gum Tape

Gum Kraft

Gummed tape has always been a naturally good closure method. But it is as modern as today's requirements.

It's unique bonding characteristics provide a seal that is stronger than any other tape closure method. It actually becomes part of the carton it seals.

And because it is made from virtually the same material, it can be used wherever cardboard cases or cartons need sealing.

Kraft Papers
Natural Brown

In various base paper weights, especially for sealing interior and exterior packages.
Bleached White

In various base paper weights, especially for sealing interior and exterior packages.

Suited for warning, protection, identification tapes, as well as for interior and exterior packages.

Gummed sealing tape consisting of two-ply Kraft paper with fibre-reinforcement in machine and cross machine direction, joined with water-resistant laminating glue. In various designs for individual requirements for sealing heavy weight cartons.



  • Product Protection

  • A complete barrier to exclude dust and dirt

  • Preserves the hygienic integrity of the contents

  • Total protection against vermin such as rodents

  • Tamper evidence, tape bonds to the carton, opening is immediately apparent

  • Great closure strength, since permanent bond reinforces the carton

  • Cost effective, shorter lengths are required

  • Easily and securely printed or coded, as the tape does not stretch or distort

  • Image enhancement, a sealing system that improves the presentation of the sealed container

  • The only type of tape whose bond will be maintained over the shelf-life of the carton, even 10 or more years

  • Optimum compatibility with the sealed carton for 100% recyclability

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